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We sell and install decorative, polished granite for counter tops, fireplaces, bartops and most other applications. We work with the finest quality polished granite. Each job is a custom job and no two slabs of granite are exactly the same. You may hand select your own slab of granite to be installed.
  • Serving all points within 60 miles of South Boston, Virginia.
  • Polished Granite for counter tops, fireplaces, etc. A variety of styles are avalible, including Blue Granite.
  • Seamless installation around sinks and other cut outs.
  • We do all of the work including plumbing, electrical, and cabinet reinforcing. The installer is also a certified plumber and electritian. Your old counter top is removed only once when the stone is installed. One price includes all of the work. We can install in older homes.
  • We can also repair any other granite installation.

    Click the picture to see samples of jobs we have done before.